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6.1 Institutional Vision and Leadership

6.1.1 – 
A) Vision and Mission of the institution
B) Achievements which led to Institutional excellence

6.2 Strategy Development and Deployment

A) Organizational structure
B) Strategic Plan document(s)
C) Minutes of the College Council/ other relevant bodies for deployment/ deliverables of the strategic plan

6.3 Faculty Empowerment Strategies

A) Policy document on the welfare measures
B) List of beneficiaries of welfare measures

6.3.5 – Performance Appraisal System

6.4 Financial Management and Resource Mobilization

A) Resource mobilization policy document duly approved by College Council/other administrative bodies
B) Procedures for optimal resource utilization

6.4.2- Documents pertaining to internal and external audits year-wise for the last five years

6.5 Internal Quality Assurance System

A) The structure and mechanism for Internal Quality Assurance
B) Minutes of the IQAC meetings.

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