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2.2. Catering to Student Diversity

2.2.3- extramural activities facilitate by institute

2.3. Teaching- Learning Process

2.3.1. – Learning environment facilities, Photos – Click Here

2.3.3. – 
A) Details of ICT-enabled tools used for teaching and learning
B) List of teachers using ICT-enabled tools

2.3.5. – The teaching learning process nurtures creativity, analytical skills and innovation among students

2.5. Evaluation Process and Reforms

A) Academic calendar
B) Internal assessment examinations timetable

2.5.3. – examination reforms

2.6 Student Performance and Learning Outcome

A) Relevant documents pertaining to learning outcomes and graduate attributes.    1) UG     2) PG
B) Methods of the assessment of learning outcomes and graduate attributes – Click Here
C) Course Outcomes for all courses – Click Here

A) Link for the annual report of examination results as placed before BoM/Syndicate/Governing Council for the last five years.   1) UG    2) PG

2.6.3 –
A) Programme-specific learning outcomes – Click Here
B) Any Other Relevant Information – Click Here

2.6.4 –  
A) Proceedings of parent –teachers meetings held during the last 5 years – Click Here
B) Follow up reports on the action taken and outcome analysis. – Click Here

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