Sau. Jyoti Ramdas Kadam
Vice - Chairman

Yogita Dental College is the only college in the entire coastal Konkan region, an idyllic land which presented the world with renowed leader like Gopal Krishna Gokhale and Lokmanya Tilak, educationists like Pujya Sane Guruji, martyrs like Anant Kanhere & not to forget the king of fruits, Alfonso. YDCH is also an endeavor that shall follow the rich tradition of Konkan. The College was granted permission by the Dental Council of India after 2 systematic and careful inspections of the natural compliance to the DCI norms.

Yogita Dental College is at par with any other established college in India when it comes to the quality of education.With well equipped clinics and laboratories, students can acquire proper theory and practical dentistry education. The college has knowledgeable, highly qualified and well experienced faculty members who strive in ensuring the all round development of the students.

Since YDCH is the only Institution of its kind in the length & breadth of Konkan and the fact that different treatment modalities are almost free of cost, we expect a large number of people to gain benefit from it. Good luck to all the aspiring students and I sincerely hope that they prosper and achieve great success through YDCH.